Oasis Springs — Generations 7-12

Your family has finally paid off the cemetery and now you are free to start building up Newcrest! They decide to move to Oasis Springs for a fresh start.

Generation 7 – Get To Writing
Being the first generation to contribute a new building, you think that the top priority should be knowledge and stories. You dream of chronicling your family’s lives forever and contribute all knowledge possible for future generations.
– Name begins with the letter G
– Aspiration: Best Selling Author
– Career: Writer (Author branch)
– Goal: Library
– Optional: Degree in Language & Literature

Generation 8 – How About a Drink?
You want to go out for drinks, but there’s nowhere to drink! You decide to learn everything you can about mixing drinks so that you can open your own bar.
Name begins with the letter H
Aspiration: Master Mixologist
Career: Culinary (Mixologist)
Goal: Bar

Generation 9 – I Love You
All you write are songs about falling in love. It’s your dream to find your soulmate and be able to serenade them for the rest of your life. You dedicate your days to learning all the musical instruments you can get your hands on.
Name begins with the letter I
Aspiration: Soulmate
Career: Entertainer (Musician)
Goal: Max out piano, guitar, pipe organ, and violin skills
– Optional: Degree in Fine Art

Generation 10 – Just Another Day in the Life of Coding
You enjoy coding, but wanted to be a stay at home parent. Fortunately, you found a freelance programmer job that allows you to do both!
Name begins with the letter J
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Career: Freelancer (Programmer)
Goal: Max out programming, complete fossils collection

Generation 11 – Keep the Party Going
Thank the universe that your great grandparent built the bar because you just want to party, party, party! And you can’t party without looking your best…nor can you allow others to dress poorly. Become the top trend setter and give everyone makeovers!
Name begins with the letter K
Aspiration: Party Animal
Career: Style Influencer (Trend Setter)
Goal: Max out charisma, writing, and painting skills
– Optional: Degree in Art History

Generation 12 – Labels Are For Losers
Who even cares about love when your job is sending you all over the world to get the latest scoop! But that doesn’t mean you aren’t opposed to some good times while traveling 😉
Name begins with the letter L
Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Career: Writer (Journalist)
Goal: Max out charisma, writing, and logic skills
– Optional: Degree in Communications