Anywhere — Generations 19-23

Whether you stay or go, make it your home.

Generation 19 – Suspicious Business
Moving up in the ranks, you realize that your “business” needs somewhere legit to launder the money you have made. Al Capone had laundry mats, you have a bakery.
– Name begins with the letter S
– Aspiration: Public Enemy
– Career: Criminal (Boss)
– Goal: Bakery building in Magnolia Promenade

Generation 20 – Trusted Mentor
Watching your parent be involved in unsavory and illegal activities, you are determined to turn the bakery into a legitimate business and be a good example to your own children. Yes, you might be living vicariously through your children, but how else are you supposed to heal your inner child?
– Name begins with the letter T
– Aspiration: Successful Lineage
– Career: Retail
– Goal: Max out baking
– Optional: N/A

Generation 21 – Under Arrest!
Learning that your grandparent was a crime lord and helping your parent turn the bakery around, you decide to take it a step further and fight crime. But crime doesn’t sleep so you don’t have time to focus on relationships. What a player!
– Name begins with the letter U
– Aspiration: Serial Romantic
– Career: Detective
– Goal: Max out charisma, logic, and research & debate
– Optional: Degree in Psychology

Generation 22 – Venture of My Own
Who cares about crime or justice…you just want money! Doctors make the big bucks and you are also focused on staying healthy so it was a perfect match. Grow your own garden for fresh produce and make sure you workout daily.
– Name begins with the letter V
– Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
– Career: Doctor
– Goal: Max out fitness, gardening, and logic
Optional: Degree in Biology

Generation 23 – Watch Me Be Wicked
Is evil scientist cliché? Maybe. But that doesn’t stop you! The only thing you’re committed to is ruining lives whether it be your own relationships, your co-workers, or even random couples! Your twisted heart loves to watch the chaos.
– Name begins with the letter W
– Aspiration: Villainous Valentine
– Career: Scientist
– Goal: Max out logic and mischief, complete geodes collection
Optional: Degree in Physics