Generations List

Note: This is still a work in progress as I am still testing it out, so any suggestions or comments are welcome! I have chosen to leave Journey To Batuu stuff out so it is something optional that your Legacy can do if you so desire.

All builds will be in Newcrest unless otherwise noted. If a skill is listed and your game does not have it, you may ignore that skill.

The government has offered to build the cemetery for you for §30,000 since you will be building up Newcrest for them, but you must pay them back. This means that Generation 1-6 is required to contribute §5,000 each towards the build of the cemetery.

Extreme Legacy Challenge

GenAspiration Career (Branch)GoalDegrees (Optional)
  Live in Willow Creek 
1AThe CuratorPart time – BaristaGeneric/Cemetery – §5,000, complete metals collectionN/A
2BGrilled CheesePart time – Fast Food§5,000 towards CemeteryN/A
3CAngling AcePart time – Babysitter§5,000 towards CemeteryN/A
4DBig Happy FamilyPart time – Manual Laborer§5,000 towards CemeteryN/A
5ESoulmatePart time – Retail Employee§5,000 towards CemeteryN/A
6FRenaissance SimAny 3 you want but cannot exceed level 4§5,000 towards CemeteryN/A
Move to Oasis Springs
7GBestselling AuthorWriter (Author)LibraryLanguage & Literature
8HMaster MixologistCulinary (Mixologist)BarN/A
9ISoulmateEntertainer (Musician)Max out piano, guitar, pipe organ, and violin skillsFine Art
10JSuccessful LineageFreelancer (Programmer)Max out programming, complete fossils collectionN/A
11KParty AnimalStyle Influencer (Trend Setter)Max out charisma, writing, and paintingArt History
12LSerial RomanticWriter (Journalist)Max out charisma, writing, and logicCommunications
Move to Windenburg
13MBody BuilderAthlete (Body Builder)Gym, max out athletic and wellnessN/A
14NFriend of the WorldBusiness
Max out charisma, writing, and logicCommunications
15OMaster ChefCulinary (Chef)Build a restaurant
for a future generation, max out cooking and gourmet cooking
Culinary Arts
16PComputer WhizTech Guru
(E-Sport Gamer)
Computer Lab/Cafe, complete MySims trophies collectionN/A
17QNerd BrainAstronaut (Space Ranger)Max out handiness, robotics, and rocket science, complete space rocks collectionPhysics
18ROutdoor EnthusiastBusiness (Investor)New rental property in
Granite Falls, complete insects collection
Move Anywhere You Want
19SPublic EnemyCriminal (Boss)Bakery building in Magnolia PromenadeVillainy
20TSuccessful LineageRetail OwnerBakery previously built by Gen 19, max out bakingN/A
21USerial RomanticDetectiveMax out charisma, logic, and research & debatePsychology
22VFabously WealthyDoctorMax out fitness, gardening, and logicBiology
23WVillainous ValentineScientistMax out logic and mischief, complete geodes collectionPhysics
Move to San Myshuno
24XJokestarEntertainer (Comedian)Lounge, complete the city posters collectionDrama
25YPainter ExtraordinairePainter (Master of the Real)MuseumFine Art
26ZLeader of the PackRestaurant OwnerRestaurantN/A
27ACity NativeCritic (Food)Cafe, complete the snow globes collectionCulinary Arts
28BMusical GeniusCritic (Arts)Arts CenterArt History
29CMansion BaronPolitician (Politician)ResidentalHistory
Move to Forgotten Hollow
30DMaster VampireCriminal (Oracle)Max out programming, mischief, and logicComputer Science
31EVampire FamilyFreelancer (Artist)Complete elements collection (get max Vampiric Strength and you can crush your own crystals and metals in your inventory into elements)N/A
32FGood VampireFreelancer (Writer)Heir CANNOT be a vampire, max vampire lore, and must cure own vampirismN/A
33GParty Animal (Spooky!)Tech Guru (Start Up Entrepreneur)Nightclub
(Bowling Alley)
Computer Science
Move to Brindleton Bay
34HInner PeacePolitician (Charity Organizer)Spa, max out wellnessCommunications
35IChief of MischiefSecret Agent (Villain)Max out mischief, logic, and fitnessVillainy
36JFriend of the AnimalsVetVet Clinic, complete the feathers collectionNone
37KArchaeology ScholarYour choiceMuseum in Selvadorada, max out Selvadoradian culture and archaeology skills, complete the Ancient Omiscan artifacts and Omiscan treasures collectionsN/A
38LJungle ExplorerNone – sell what you find treasure hunting!New rental property in Selvadorada, max out Selvadoradian culture skillN/A
39MBig Happy FamilySocial Media (Public Relations)Retail store for future generation, complete postcards collectionCommunications
40NFreelance BotanistGardener (Botanist)Park & outdoor movie theater, grow a perfect death flower through grafting, complete microscope prints collectionBiology
41OSuper ParentGardener (Floral Designer)Flower Arrangement Retail store (built by Gen 38)Fine Art
Move to Del Sol Valley
42PMaster Actor/ActressActor/ActressKaraoke BarDrama
43QFriend of the WorldSocial Media (Internet Personality)Max out charisma, comedy, and video gamingDrama
Move to StrangerVille
44RStrangerVille MysteryMilitary (Officer)Max out charisma, logic, and research & debateHistory
45SFabulously WealthyAstronaut (Smuggler)Max out mischief, logic, and fitness, complete aliens collectionVillainy
46TNerd BrainMilitary (Covert Operator)Max out charisma, logic, and research & debatePsychology
47UMansion BaronSecret Agent (Diamond)Residential, complete crystals collectionPsychology
Move to Sulani
48VRenaissance SimDiver, Fisherman, LifeguardPool, complete fish collectionN/A
49WBeach LifeConservationist (Marine Biologist)Beach in Sulani, complete frog collectionBiology
50XZen GuruConservationist (Environmental Manager)National Park, max out wellnessEconomics
51YLeader of the PackFreelancer (Fashion Photographer)Studio on home lotN/A
Move to Glimmerbrook
52ZSpellcraft & SorceryStyle Influencer (Stylist)Max out painting, photography, and violinFine Art
53APurveyor of PotionsPainter (Patron of the Arts)Max out painting, writing, and charismaArt History
Move to Britechester
54BAcademicEducation (Professor)Max out charisma, logic, and research & debatePsychology
55CNerd BrainEngineer (Mechanical)Max out handiness, robotics, and logic. Optional: rocket science, complete space prints collectionPhysics
56DFriend of the WorldLaw (Judge)Max out charisma, logic, and research & debateHistory
57EChief of MischiefEngineer (Computer Science)Max out programming, mischief, and logicComputer Science
58FAcademicEducation (Administrator)Max out charisma, logic, and research & debateEconomics
59GNeighbourhood ConfidanteLaw (Lawyer)Max out charisma, research & debate, and writingLanguage & Literature
Move to Evergreen Harbor
60HEco InnovatorCivil Designer (Green Tech)Community Garden, max out logic and fabricationPhysics
61IFabulously WealthyCivil Designer (Civic Planner)Market Place, max out logic and charismaCommunications
62JMaster MakerFreelancer (Crafter)Maker SpaceN/A
Move Anywhere You Want
63KLord/Lady of The KnitsNone – Sell your knits on PlopsyMax out knittingN/A
Move to Mt. Komorebi
64LMt Komorebi SightseerCritic (Food)Rental in Mt. Komorebi, complete the Simmies collectionCulinary Arts
65MExtreme Sports EnthusiastAthlete (Professional Athlete)Max out skiing, snowboarding, & rock climbingN/A
Move Anywhere You Want
66NNeighbourhood ConfidanteFreelance (Paranormal Investigator)Max out charisma and medium skill, purchase Brave trait from Rewards Store, Haunted HouseN/A
67OMansion BaronInterior DecoratorResidentialN/A
Move to Henford-on-Bagley
68PCountry CaretakerNone – Earn money by farmingMax out cross stitching, must live with Simple Living lot challengeN/A
69QSelf-Care SpecialistEarn money from wellness related activitesMax out wellness and fitnessN/A

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