Windenburg — Generations 13-18

Tired of the desert and lack of seasons, your family moves to Windenburg.

Generation 13 – Max Out Your Fitness!
While your parent was mainly focused on other’s bodies, you are focused on your own. Positive mental health promotes positive physical health and vice versa!
– Name begins with the letter M
– Aspiration: Body Builder
– Career: Athlete (Body Builder)
– Goal: Gym, max out athletic and wellness

Generation 14 – Not On My Clock
While your career goal in life is to be in management, realistically your goal is to be a leader and not just a manager. You’ve heard horror stories of bad managers from everyone around you and you are determined to be not only a good boss, but a beloved one.
– Name begins with the letter N
– Aspiration: Friend of the World
– Career: Business (Management)
– Goal: Max out charisma, writing, and logic skills
– Optional: Degree in Communications

Generation 15 – Only The Best Food
Food. It’s not only the sustenance of life, it is your life. You believe that the way to anyone’s heart is through the stomach.
– Name begins with the letter O
– Aspiration: Master Chef
– Career: Culinary (Chef)
– Goal: Build a restaurant for a future generation, max out cooking and gourmet cooking
– Optional: Degree in Culinary Arts

Generation 16 – Pwned!
Video games will rot your brain, they said. But ever since the game Infinity came out with the MySims collectable characters, you’ve been hooked. So much that you decided to make a career out of it. I mean, why just love the game when you can create it?
– Name begins with the letter P
– Aspiration: Computer Whiz
– Career: Tech Guru (E-Sport Gamer)
– Goal: Computer Lab/Café (Generic), complete MySims trophies collection

Generation 17 – Quite the Brainiac
Ever since you were little, you’ve been obsessed with the stars. You were most often found stargazing or using the telescope. One day you will build your own rocket and make it to outer space!
– Name begins with the letter Q
– Aspiration: Nerd Brain
– Career: Astronaut (Space Ranger)
– Goal: Max out handiness, robotics, and rocket science, complete space rocks collection
Optional: Degree in Physics

Generation 18 – Roughin’ It
Being an investor is stressful and fast paced so you constantly want to unplug from the world and relax in the woods. Insects have always intrigued you with their carefree lives. No worries of money or stocks. Just living.
– Name begins with the letter R
– Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast
– Career: Business (Investor)
– Goal: New rental property in Granite Falls, complete insects collection
Optional: Degree in Economics