Mods I Use For Increased Difficulty

Graveyard mod by Kawaiistacie to get the Graveyard lot trait for Generation 1-6’s build. no longer available
Graveyard Trait by Snowiii95
Simrealist’s “SNB Bills” (Public version) — this forces sims to have money in order to turn on utilities like electricity, plumbing, trash, internet, etc.
Simrealist’s “SNBank” — this is good for keeping your spouse and other spares busy with careers instead of being a stay at home parent, but not being able to keep the money they make (direct deposit into their own accounts).
Zero’s Sims 4 Mods “Required Degrees” — this forces sims to get degrees in order to be promoted in their careers.
Zero’s Sims 4 Mods “University Costs More” — Yea…needed that to be more realistic.
Weerbesu’s “UI Cheats” — If you want the required degrees mod, but don’t want to deal with it all the time or want your spouses/spares to be promoted without a degree. I use it for my spouses/spares only.
KawaiiStacie “Slice of Life” — adds more realism to the gameplay. Although I don’t have all of the smaller systems installed and you can pick and choose which ones you want.
Scarletqueenkat’s “SimCity Loans 2.0” — I like to use this to create realism that your sim took out a loan to cover the costs of their build and have to make consistent payments to get out of debt. This mod does not allow specific dollar amounts and you do have to choose from an array of presets: §1,000, §5,000, §10,000, §25,000, §50,000, §100,000, §250,000, or §500,000. Your choice if you want to borrow more than what the build costs, or less and make up the remaining required amount with household funds.