The Challenge

I get my rules/laws from Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge, but don’t follow it 100%. I don’t like my Sims to be on a giant 50×50 or 64×64 lot so I just have them purchase whichever lot and cheat their money down to §0. This challenge is like a combination of Pinstar’s and The Newcrest Challenge. Most of Pinstar’s rules are to make gameplay harder. These are the ones I follow because, well, extreme legacy challenge lol

These are the laws I like to do, but you’re more than welcome to change the Succession Laws to whatever you want except the Species portion. We can’t have a bunch of vampires running around living forever! (I mean unless your goal is to populate the world with vampires and wipe out all other species…)

Succession Laws

  • Equality: The Founder may be of either gender. Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir.
  • Modern: Both Naturally born and adopted children are eligible to be named heir.
  • Random: The title of heir is randomly selected from the pool of all eligible children. Every time the eligible pool changes size, The heir must be re-rolled using the new pool.
  • Tolerant: The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status (excluding during the Vampire Aspirations). You may start with Humans, Aliens, Mermaids, or Spellcasters.

Every generation starts with §0 and on a new, empty lot. Use the money cheat testingcheats on and then money [0] (without the brackets) to reduce your funds to §0. In order to move onto an empty lot, you are allowed to use the cheat freerealestate on.

Every time you build something, the total cost of that build must be reduced from your funds! Example: Generation XX has §100,000 and their build costs §75,000 to build. Use the money cheat to reduce their funds to §25,000.

Odd jobs are ok for those generations with the part time jobs, but they cannot do the ones that say “Needed by XX day.” They must be the ones that say “Needed ASAP.” You can also only do them on the days your sim does not work.

Other Rules Worth Noting From Myself

  • I love mods/custom content so I use quite of bit of them. As long as it doesn’t make gameplay easier/increase money, I think it’s fair game especially those that make it harder 😈. Here’s a list of the ones I use.
  • If you create a spouse in CAS, you must use the Stories mode to create them and there must be at least a second person in the household so that they do not bring any extra money with them. You may change their appearance. You can also use the SNBank mod I mention in the mods I use and your spouses may have jobs as long as 100% of their salary is deposited into their account.
  • The only exception to bringing a sim back to life is to bring them back in order to kill them on your lot so you can get their headstone if they died elsewhere and you can’t find it. (One way to do this is use the MC Command Center mod. Or you can download LittleMsSam’s random small mod “Release All Ghosts” which allows you to click on any headstone and get the urn for the chosen ghost. Honestly I prefer LittleMsSam’s mod since it doesn’t affect Sims emotions). My reason is because of the graveyard your legacy has to have.
  • You must use the randomizer for all traits. You can download custom traits to have more diversity.
  • Sims cannot sell items made (books, paintings, flower arrangements, garden stuff, etc.) unless to a direct person in game (i.e. retail store or craft table yard sale and the price increase can only be a maximum of 100% or sell it on Plopsy and the game decides how much to charge or to Agnes or Agatha in Henford-on-Bagley). This is a self imposed rule because I want it to be as hard as possible for them to make money! Tents for everyone! The only exception I have made is if they have already completed their aspiration and career. Those who do not own Get To Work, City Living, Jungle Adventure, Eco Lifestyle, Nifty Knitting, or Cottage Living may sell things directly to their sims inventory.
  • Each generation must be the next letter of the alphabet (stole this idea from Nichole1011 ♥) and their last name can NEVER change.
  • You must reach level 10 of their career, complete their aspiration, and complete their required goal (lot, skills, and/or collection if applicable) before beginning anything with the next generation. This doesn’t mean you can’t have kids, you just can’t work on their aspirations or get them a job before you finish the prior generation goals. They are allowed to build their skills. 

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